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A new pilot project has been launched in Montreal to further develop our city's identity. As mayor Denis Coderre puts it: Montreal is a Nordic city, an active city, an Olympic city and Montrealers maintain a passion for winter sports. 

That is why a new snow path has been built along Lachine Canal where Montrealers will be able to grab their cross-country skis or their snowshoes and enjoy a scenic hike.

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Mount Royal is an underused source of wintery fun for Montrealers. Sure, everyone knows a hike up the mountain is beyond pleasant, and that the park makes for great tobaganning, but there are tons of other adventures to be had at Mount Royal.

The City Lights Snowshoeing Excursion on Mount Royal is a prime example. Organized by les amis de la montagne, the wintery adventure promises to reveal the many secrets of Mount Royal, including unknown trails up the mountain and hidden vantage points overlooking the city only known to a few.

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Photo cred - Flickr

Alright Montreal, we told you where you can wine & dine your special someone - now we're here to tell you what else you can do to make this the best Valentine's Day that your cuddle bug will ever have. Our city has so many unique date options and it's time we took advantage of them. Better take notes!

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