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sofia vineria

Guys, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Montreal's restaurant scene is seriously awesome.

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Ah, the second month of the year. At this point, we've all settled in to 2016 (hopefully) and are reaping the fruits of our New Years resolutions (probably not though).

But the ushering of a new year isn't all good news for everyone. In Montreal, the restaurant business is very, very tough, and nothing highlights just how difficult it is quite like looking back on the list of places that didn't quite make it through 2016. Worse still? The knowledge that 2016 is barely even eight weeks in yet. It's super sad to think about, TBH; but at the very least, there are an influx of restaurants opening in Montreal. With that said, though, join me in wishing all the best to the teams behind all of these restaurants, and read on for 12 Montreal Restaurants Have Already Closed In 2016.

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