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space for life

Montreal's Espace pour la vie museum network has announced the birth of a king penguin chick at the Montreal Biodome. Its mother laid the egg on December 29 and the chick hatched on February 1.

But don't expect to see the fuzzy grey chick anytime soon. It and its mother are currently bonding in a secluded section of the biodome's subantarctic habitat. Even zookeepers are staying away in order to not disturb the delicate process underway.

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If you've left home at all this summer — especially while carrying something sweet — chances are you've been harassed by buzzing, flying, stinging, black-and-yellow insects. While wasps are regularly a nuisance during the summer in Montreal, they've made their presence known this season, leaving some Quebecers wondering: Are there more wasps than usual this year?

We asked Dr. Julia Mlynarek, an entomologist at Montreal's Insectarium, what she thinks. She also gave us hacks for fighting off wasps and insight into when we'll finally be rid of the darned things... at least until next season.

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The breathtaking lantern festival at Montreal's Botanical Garden announced that it's coming back with "a brand new journey" in 2021. Gardens of Light, aka Jardins de lumière, is set to take place from September 3 to October 31 and tickets are already on sale.

During this annual event, sections of the garden come to life with dazzling, colourful installations that turn the complex into an enchanting display of light.

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