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spring forecast

Hello March! It's safe to assume that most Montrealers are dreaming about sunshine and heat waves right now, but it looks like you'll have to be patient. According to The Weather Network’s 2023 spring forecast, Quebecers will have to contend with continued cold temps and "messy" winter storms in March and into April.

"An active storm track is expected across southern Quebec through at least April, as this region will be the battleground between colder weather to the north and a much milder pattern over the eastern U.S., which will attempt to surge north at times," Dr. Doug Gillham, a senior meteorologist for TWN, wrote in the site's seasonal forecast.

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This morning, things are looking pretty gloomy, and there's just something particularly unpleasant about having cold rain whipping at your face as you walk to work on Monday morning.

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If you look outside right now, it looks like winter is over, but is it really? 

I spent all morning reading and listening to every weather report I could get my hands on, and so far, things definitely look promising. 

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