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spring weather 2022

Spring is officially in full force in Montreal, but y'know what that means? April showers! While it might bring about May flowers come next month, the wet Montreal weather forecast just isn't sitting right with us any longer.

Following a surprising 15-centimetre snowfall earlier this week, it's no shock that the 514 will be getting nearly 30+ millimetres of rain within the next week. Oh so fun, right? Don't worry, we're just as displeased.

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Spring is in full force in Montreal. However, Mother Nature has other plans for the near future of the 514.

The Weather Network is predicting possible snowfall in the Montreal area on Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20 with a cold system potentially blowing nearly 15 centimetres of snow our way.

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It appears that winter isn't over just yet! Although spring weather is finally looking up, Environment Canada is throwing Quebec a curveball (or, should we say, snowball?). A lot of precipitation is set to hit the province, with freezing rain and up to 25 centimetres of snow predicted for some areas.

"A weather system centered over the Great Lakes will affect the province of Quebec this weekend," Environment Canada said.

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