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srb pie ix

Running is my favourite form of exercise. You can make your own playlist, run at your own pace, and go for as long as want. You're in control of your workout. So if you're having a not so great running day, just make it a short run and take your time or if you get out there and you're absolutely killing it, run twice as much as you usually would and bump up the pace!

What makes running, for me, not as horrible as other workouts is also the routes that you can choose. During the summer months Montreal really comes alive with nature, people and scenery which makes it the perfect place for running.

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You may have heard rumblings over the last few years (more like 13 years, but whatever) that Pie-IX boulevard would be getting a major public transit upgrade, with a dedicated "bus rapid transit" network to be put in place.

But what was once a possible plan has become an outright city project, as Montreal has officially begun the process of creating a $305 million BRT network along Pie-IX boulevard.

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