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st ambroise terrace

A new Quebec beer week is giving ale and lager lovers the chance to sip on the latest brews and learn about the industry. The event spans over 100 activities, including tastings, product launches, and tours that celebrate beer culture and introduce the public to local microbreweries.

Launched by the Association des microbrasseries du Québec (AMBQ), the week is intended to get consumers interacting directly with beer makers.

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Photo cred - La bière St-Ambroise

One of Montreal's most famous and beloved breweries, McAuslan Brewery, maker of St-Ambroise beer, is turning 25, and to celebrate the infamous apricot beer makers are throwing a huge party. Get to Saint-Henri this weekend for two days of outdoor drinking for McAuslan's gigantic 25th anniversary party.

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Beer is a drink that’s as versatile as it is enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to get drunk, enjoy some alcohol with dinner, or just relax a little, it’s easy enough to make beer suit your needs. Even better, Montreal is filled with places that have amazing beer selections, making sure that you’ll be able to drink in style. It took a lot of self control (none), but we forced ourselves to go around the city drinking beer, and, after much debate, we settled on our favourite places. Here are Montreal’s best bars for beer.

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