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st viateaur bagels

Photo cred - Frodnesor

Bagels are a staple of Montreal food culture, and the best way to enjoy any bagel, no matter where you get it in the city, is with plenty of smoked salmon and cream cheese.

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Iconic, delicious, and eaten everywhere throughout the city, Montreal bagels are on par with poutine in terms of popularity and cultural influence. You eat 'em for breakfast, lunch, and at 4am when nothing else is open, yet how much do you really know about Montreal's signature bagel?

Tourisme-Montreal wants you to know more about the food of the city, specifically the bagels, and so they have released "A delightful infocomic about Montreal's incredible bagels." Simple, fun, and bagel-educational, the infocomic/graphic created by James Alexander Dunphy is a must-read for bagel lovers in the city, so basically everyone should read it.

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