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steve aoki

Brrrr! It's so cold and snowy outside you might be tempted to stay at home hidden under a blanket, but you'd be missing out on tons of fun activities happening in Montreal this February.

Even at the peak of winter, our city has plenty to offer, from live music to new eateries, cultural events and outdoor activities.

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Get ready Montreal because one's of the worlds most popular DJ's is heading to Montreal!

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Talk about stacked! If you're planning to catch a few concerts throughout the month of May, you're in for a real treat! From sexy electrofunk, to indie (cry your eyes out, OMG it's Lana) pop, to experimental what-have-you, it's going to be a solid month for concert-going. Montreal never ceases to have impress with incredible shows literally ever week, but this time, we've all been blown right out of the water!

Click here for Montreal Must-See Shows In May 2014 >

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