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Few vehicles for review-writing capture the spectrum of human thought quite like Google reviews. Not just for restaurants or services, these reviews exist for plenty of labelled structures on the map, including (but not limited to) Montreal metro stations.

From wrong-headed diatribes about unhoused people to dedicated essays about metro architecture, metro station Google reviews unlock a special passion in reviewers that is just about unmatched. For this little experiment, I looked at some of the most popular stops in the city's more central boroughs, arranged here from lowest to highest rating.

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Since the pandemic began, the STM has faced significant decreases in ridership as events were moved online and unnecessary travel was discouraged. In 2019, the most visited station was understandably Berri-UQAM, a downtown hub and key transfer station. That year, Berri-UQAM saw over 12.6 million visitors, according to the STM's annual report. But in 2020, that number shrank to just under 4.4 million travellers.

This shockingly large decrease has lasted through 2021, where three out of five of the most used stations reported slightly fewer riders than the previous year, with the exception of Atwater and Vendôme, both of which saw ridership increases of less than 500,000.

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It seems like we report on this every year, but once again, there are definitive plans to extend the Montreal Metro Blue line further east. Minister for Transport and Minister Responsible for the Montreal Region Chantal Rouleau announced a revised plan for five additional metro stations on March 18.

"The blue line will go to Anjou," Rouleau said. "The project has been enhanced to open up an entire population who will now have access to a public transit system worthy of the name."

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Montreal's Metro Stations are like snowflakes.

Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way.

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