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Christmas time is, by far, the cheesiest time of the year. You have basic Xmas music taking over shopping malls, ugly sweater sales, pre-made useless gift bags you can purchase and pretend like you actually put some thought into gifts for your friends and family...

You know what's not cheesy about this holiday? Freaking wine Christmas stockings! Unless, of course, you decide to pair it with some delicious cheeses (see what I did there?).

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Anthony Turano, a renowned Montreal photographer, has been in the fashion industry since early 2002. With his unique style for creating stunning fashion editorials for the world’s leading magazines, to ad campaigns for his prestigious clients, Anthony’s love and passion for his art is visible through his work.

About two years ago, Anthony started The Stockings Project, a lingerie book featuring over 78 models from over 5 cities including Montreal, Toronto, New York and Miami. It is not a regular coffee table book - ALL proceeds from the book's sales will be donated to The Cure Foundation for Breast Cancer. What a great and beautiful initiative. Two years of hassle, travels and shoots definitely paid off.

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