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For those Montrealer's who just love bringing new people to Montreal but don't know how to show them everything within a short period of time, don't worry because I got you! If you take them to these 10 streets then you will get 50 things out of the way in just a few days !

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There is maybe no finer time in Montreal than summer time, and more specifically, that magical season known as Terrasse Season! After the long, punishing winter,  and as the heat finally settles in, Montreal really does show its true colours with the return of al fresco dining (and drinking!). Literally every available sidewalk, backyard, and rooftop in the city come alive.

Whether it's casual 5 à 7's, weekend drink fests, or simply some fun in the sun, Montreal terrasses are undoubtedly our most favourite places to be during the summer. But with so many to choose from, it can be a little daunting to the uninitiated and/or indecisive. Drinking outside is always a good time, here's where to do it this summer.

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