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street meat

It's that time of year again folks. The cars have been replaced with tents and the smell of street meat fills our nostrils. That's right, street festivals are up and running once again. If you've never been to a Montreal street festival before, the whole situation can be semi-overwhelming. I know when I attended my first streetfest, I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into. So, if you're curious about the goings on, then here is what to expect.

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For Francofolie, Festival Mural, or just for plain ol' summer fun, St Laurent has been sectioned off between Sherbrooke and Mont Royal for pedestrians to walk and gawk at the many attractions situated on 'The Main.' While the many thrift shops, clothing stores, and lack of dangerous Montreal traffic are all major appeals to check out St Lo this weekend, the real appeal is all the delicious food just waiting to be eaten. 

Nearly every food vendor on St Laurent has set up an outdoor stand for passersby to smell, salivate, and ideally eat their tasty wares. Even stores traditionally not associated with food have set up spaces, like Pharmaprix, who is selling a nostalgic glass of lemonade for $2. Be sure to come with cash in hand, as none of the outdoor establishments have a debit machine handy. Everything is generally priced at $1-2 for smaller stuff (churros, spring rolls and the like) and can go up to around $7-8 for the more upscale street food. Bring a ten dollar bill and you should be set for a snack, meal, and even dessert.

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