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strip club

Montreal sure is one hell of a place while you're in your 20s. Not only is Montreal a major party city, but it is also home to many activities that you, as someone in their 20s, MUST try out! I mean you're 20! You should be partying all day every day.

Your 30s are just around the corner, which is still another awesome time to be alive, but only when you're in your 20s can you get away with looking 18 and acting 10! So, take advantage of this and do some stupid things and cross some things off your bucket list by doing some of the things below while you're still 20 and your body hasn't given up to the 30s. In other words, get drunk a lot since you can take the hangover now and probably not later on in life!

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If you follow my posts, you probably know how fasciated I am with people who choose to pursue unusual professions. I'm curious to learn everything there is to know about them: from their motives to their private lives.

Today, I was lucky enough to interview a female Montreal exotic dancer who preferred to keep her identity anonymous, to which I kindly agreed, of course. So here's a sneak peek into the personal life of a Montreal stripper.

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Dinner dates, movies and even museums can get repetitive and monotone. There comes a moment within any committed relationship when a certain level of comfort, familiarity and trust is reached. That's when you might want to open the door into a new and exciting world. Why not take advantage of our city's high strip club concentration and try something different for a change?

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people aren't actually opposed to the idea of hanging out at a strip club as a date. So here's why you should totally try bringing your significant other to a Montreal strip club at least once (upon mutual consent, of course).

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