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sugar daddy

The other day I overheard two girls on the bus joking about how they were looking for a sugar daddy because it was "better than being a stripper". 

But how do you find a sugar daddy? Do you just troll bars where old men hang out, and ask them if they want to buy you stuff, or is there a better way?

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Before you start freaking out, I want you to take a deep breath and think objectively for a second, without judgment or hate. Why hate on girls who strive for a better lifestyle anyway? To each their own, right? If you don't understand the whole sugar daddy mentality, you're free to date whoever you want, dear reader.

You need to realize that this subject is a reality for a lot of released a list of Canadian universities and ranked them according to which schools had the most newly registered sugar babies on the site. In all of Canada, McGill University took the #2 spot. So here are ten reasons why you might want to date a sugar daddy.

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McGill’s sugar babies, a maple syrup festival, and PK Subban's insane skills.

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