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summer activity montreal

Remember those sun-soaked days when you were a kid, when having fun on a hot summer day was as simple as turning on the hose in the backyard? Throw in a slip 'n slide and some freezies, and you had yourself a party? Well maybe you still get down like that, and if so you are doing something right, but let's be honest, it takes a bit more than that to get us excited these days. Unless of course it's the biggest slip 'n slide you've ever seen in your life and instead of some little patch of grass, it's the length of a city street.

Like many of you, we have been anxiously awaiting final confirmation about Slide The City Montreal and we now officially have all the details you need to get pumped for what is guaranteed to be a splashing good time. Already a massive success in numerous cities across North America, Montrealers will finally have the chance to experience this unique and memorable event for themselves right here in the city.

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The Piknic season is in full swing, turning Parc Jean-Drapeau into everyone's favourite dance party destination every Sunday Funday all summer long. Now on its 13th consecutive year, Piknic has evolved into one of the world's premier events, and just keep on growing. While dancing is pretty much the essential requirement for a successful day, there are a few other ways to make sure your Piknic Electronik experience is absolutely perfect this summer.

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