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sunwing vacations from montreal

If you've been itching to venture down south for a relaxing vacation, now might just be the perfect time to tropic like it's hot. Sunwing has loads of last-minute all-inclusive vacation deals from Montreal with trips south starting at $765.

Whether you've been dreaming of the beaches in Mexico or soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic, you can find a little piece of paradise in any of these seven beach destinations.

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If you've been yearning for a little summer throwback, then Sunwing Vacations has loads of last-minute vacation deals down south from Montreal where you can have some much-needed fun in the sun.

Whether you're feeling Mexico, Cuba, Panama, or Jamaica, Sunwing will jet-set you straight to the beach for as little as $645. Mhm! And that's for a whole week in the Caribbean. All-inclusive!

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Following Canada's decision to not renew its COVID-19 travel restrictions, hassle-free travel is back in action and what better way to take advantage than with a last-minute beach vacation? Imagine your feet in the sand, the sounds of the waves and a drink in your hand — the all-inclusive life doesn't get any better than that, amirite?

Luckily, Sunwing Vacations has several last-minute vacation packages up for grabs and you can travel down south for as little as $675. Mhm, less than $700 for a one-week vacay.

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