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What's more serene than a Canadian lake in the summer time? Probably nothing, honestly. Canada is home to some of the most unreal lakes that are so calm, blue and refreshing it's almost unbelievable. 

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If you've never tried stand up paddle-boarding or SUP you're definitely missing out.

This activity, which consists of standing up on a big surfboard with a paddle is getting very popular around the world.

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The hibernation is over! Time to get in on Montreal’s active outdoor culture and there’s no better way to take advantage of your time off than by getting outside. Give your friends Facebook-envy with pictures of your adventures zip-lining through the trees or paddle boarding on the river. Whether you like getting dirty out in the woods or prefer to spend your days armed with a camera and a latte, the sunny days are calling you. Get some fresh air with these unique outdoor activities in and around Montreal.

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