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Every couple knows the struggle of finding a new restaurant that fits their anniversary vibes, especially when it comes down to last minute plans. We all usually end up just going to the closest restaurant we can find or your couples "go to". But, that's going to stop right here because this is the ultimate bucket list of all the restaurants couples need to try for those an anniversary!

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Montreal is known for their diverse range of restaurants and some of the best happen to be those that make souvlakis, gyros, spanakopita, and more. Of course I am referring to those spectacular Greek restaurants around the island, which happen to be some of my favorites!

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OK, so I have this conversation with my friends EVERY weekend in the summer. Whenever we want to go out and some drinks together, we always have this problem trying to find somewhere to go depending on how far we want to travel, and which place is on our girls night bucket list. Are we in the mood to stay Downtown or venture to the Plateau? Then the question arises umm.... what restaurant should we try?

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