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F1 Madness is officially underway in Montreal, and as usual the streets are filled with ridiculously amazing supercars (Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, etc).

But there is one car cruising around Montreal this weekend that stands out above all the others. The Pagani Huayra, one of the most sought after cars in the world. 

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Summer is upon us and that means the Grand Prix, one of Montreal's most popular events, is returning for another wild edition. The streets of Montreal will once again be packed with beautiful cars just like last year, so  this year, make sure to get in on the action.

What better way so show off then by rolling through the streets of downtown in your very own beast like a Lamborghini Diablo, for example. They don't actually make the Diablo anymore, which technically makes it priceless, but this 1991 Diablo, however, will only run you up the modest sum of $180,000. Considering  the Aventador (which is the new V12 flagship model) they replaced it with costs nearly $750,000, that's a steal!

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