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Scale down skyscrapers while clad in spandex, just like Spider-Man, for one day in Montreal. Anyone can become an MTL-superhero, in action and in intent, during the annual Drop Zone, a combo charity and extreme sports event happening in Montreal on September 24th.

Raise funds for the Quebec Society for Disabled Children and you may get to shoot down from the rooftop of the 1981 McGill College building (map), a 21 floor drop all done on a bungee jump cord.

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Let's be honest no one REALLY  likes to workout.

Thanks to Neila Rey's new themed website workout posters it can be fun again.

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Superheroes never seem to age. Even though some of our favourites have been around since the 1940's, they haven't aged a day. Some have even gotten younger. You could argue that superpowers delay the ageing process, although that wouldn't work for everyone's favourite vigilante: Batman. Superhero time just doesn't work the same as the real world's, but what if it did?

Artist Andreas Englund explores the idea of an ageing superhero in his expertly drawn oil paintings. Starting off young and muscular, the ravages of time take a toll on Englund's Punisher-esque hero as he grows old, flabby, and can't kick ass like he used to. See what happens when a superhero gets old in the photo series below.

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