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Our dating life priorities are drastically changing over the years. When I was a teenager, all I cared about was if my crush was handsome enough. If he didn't look like prince charming, I wasn't interested. As we grow older, we start to realize that there are many other things we should be basing our choices on. Let's see what goes through the mind of a girl dating in her twenties versus a girl dating in her thirties. Yes, I am not yet in my thirties, but most of my girlfriends are, so I have a pretty good idea of what a thirty year old dating life looks like.

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If you think Montreal shopping sucks, it's because you don't know where to shop. Have no fear though, we're here to help. Dressing nice is so easy when you know all the best stores to hit. We've combined a list of ten trendiest Montreal fashion boutiques for your convenience, because we care.

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