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When the largest T&T in Canada opened in Montreal in December 2022, T&T's CEO Tina Lee visited the location on its very first night, sharing some of her favourite finds. The massive Montreal T&T won't be the only one on the island for long, as a new T&T is set to open in Brossard in 2024.

For now, you can explore Lee's top treats at the T&T location in Saint-Laurent, which should keep us all busy until the Brossard location finally opens.

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Almost exactly one year after T&T first announced it was coming to the city, T&T Montreal has opened to the public. It's the Canadian Asian grocery chain's first location in Quebec and the largest by area in the country.

T&T CEO Tina Lee has promised a wide range of enticing products and store features, including a "row of fish tanks that have enough water in them to fill your backyard swimming pool;" a snack aisle with scallop, salted egg yolk, and wasabi-flavoured chips; ready-to-eat hot food stations; and a bakery with cakes Lee says are "less sweet than the typical supermarket cake."

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The hour is fast approaching. After weeks — months — of teasing, the first T&T in Montreal is set to open on December 15.

It will be the Canadian Asian grocery store chain's first location in Quebec and the largest by area in the country.

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T&T Supermarket, the largest Asian grocery store chain in Canada, with 29 locations across B.C., Alberta and Ontario, is expanding into Quebec.

Known for stocking an array of pan-Asian products, from Filipino sinigang soup to Korean gochujang sauce, the company has announced its intention to open a location somewhere on the Island of Montreal sometime in 2023 and is looking to hire over 300 workers.

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