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target canada

Photo Cred - locationresearch

Today, Target announced its plan to begin closing its stores in Canada after a majorly disappointing two years. And honestly, Canada couldn’t be happier. After having our expectations shattered by Target again and again, we are ready to open our hearts back up to our beloved Zellers. It was always better, anyways.

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Oh, Target, your time in Canada was so short, and we don't really give any shits, because you kind of sucked anyway, at least in comparison to your American counterpart. Canadian Targets were just glorified Zellers, so we're happy to see the company is making a mass exodus out of Canada, we only hope the big Z comes back to fill the void.

News dropped of Target's Canadian departure after a financial news release was issued by the company. After losing billions (see a graph here)  in the last few years, Target realized they wouldn't be profitable in Canada "until at least 2021." Best to quit while you're behind, right?

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