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tattoo artists montreal

People being dicks to Montreal tattoo artists is so common that one artist I spoke with, self-described "SheHulk" Tiger Kate, said that she(Hulk) has "don't be a dick" printed on her business cards and her favourite coffee mug.

"It’s almost a 100% 'gonna happen' thing that clients will misbehave at some level," Kate told MTL Blog over Instagram. "Clients are amazing and are so diverse. But that means that some are diverse in the negative sense too."

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The annual Art Tattoo Show Montreal is back, celebrating 20 years of designing new inks for people in the 514. You can attend the 2022 edition this week from September 16 to 18 at Windsor station downtown.

For three days, you'll have the opportunity to observe hundreds of tattoo artists, including Canadian and American ink slingers, as well as professionals from Europe, Korea and Mexico, doing what they do best.

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It's not easy an easy feat to find a Montreal tattoo artist that suits your vibe on your first go, so we're helping you out a lil bit.

Similar to everything in life, each individual has their own personal style. And when it comes to what you put on your body, you deserve to have that style properly demonstrated when you have it put on your skin.

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