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taza flores

Photo Cred - Charly Vilmart

In the early 20th century Mile End was home to many Italian and Jewish immigrants. To some extent, many of their descendants still populate the neighborhood. These days however, Mile End is well known for its many quality bars and restaurants. It was thus understandably difficult to pick our favorite 15 spots to grab a drink. We tried to go for variety: some wine bars, some expensive joints, some places more dive-y, some w/ live music, some places food is the focus. There's probably a hundred or so pleasant warm evenings in Montreal per/year, so you should spend as many as you can out and about, enjoying the city -- hence the variety. There's plenty of time in the winter to watch PLL or Louie reruns, lose our vitamin D, and drink in our bathtubs. Now's the time to live, to drink, and to live some more!

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Food is always better with friends. But with tapas, the social element is an indispensable part of the experience. You order a range of the appetizer-size plates with a group of people, so everyone shares and gets to have a variety of tastes. It’s a style of eating that we can’t get enough of. Here are some of our favorite places to have tapas in Montreal.

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