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The 16th edition of MUTEK has confirmed their lineup for its free shows in May 2015! So, let's get our techno on! The festival dedicated to Electronic, Techno and Experimental music is gathering more than 80 live performances from 110 artists, from countries such as UK, France, USA, Mexico and many more!

This year, they offer four free outdoor stage Experiences from May 28th until May 31st on top of selling tickets for access to all shows!

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Well here is something to brighten up you day Montreal.

Canadian techno legend Richie Hawtin along with Red BulL Music Academy are posting up at The Esplanade of Place des Arts as of 5pm today for a free dotUp show.

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Montreal has always been one of the most cultural and artistic cities in Canada, so it should come as no surprise that we also boast a wide array of emerging artists, in every genre imaginable. 21 year old Joe Mesmar is one of them; resident DJ at Circus Afterhours, Mesmar's style includes Tech House, Deep House, and Techno.

Mesmar was just 19 years old when he began to DJ, and now, at age 21, he's released his first 3 EP’s, and puts all his free time towards his music. Joe began his career on YouTube, but grew quickly from there to live performances including spinning at Drip N’ Play here in Montreal, as well as the Beach Party Festival in NYC. You can now catch his podcast ‘Minds of Sin’ live every Saturday at 3pm right here and you can listen to his archives here.

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