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terrasse place d armes

If you and your BF or GF are looking for something new to do with another couple, then I suggest checking out the list below! Not only do all these restaurants have delicious food, but they all have unique factors to them that will keep you guys talking all night!

We all know how it can get a bit boring sometimes doing the same things all the time so now it's time to try something new! And who better to do it than with another couple! Double dating is honestly super fun and a great way to have new things to do and talk about with that special someone!

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Since you have been probably working your ass off this summer trying to make as much cash as possible, I’m sure you need some down time… I know I do. I think it's time to forget about everyone else for a minute and treat yourself to a fantastic time in Montreal. So, since summer is almost over, take some time out of your busy schedule for you.

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It's summer time and love is in the air so why not treat that girlfriend of yours! I suggest taking them to one of Montreal's stunning terrasses. These terrasses are absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for romance. I can promise you that your girlfriend won't be disappointed.

Be a real romantic and surprise that special someone with a cute terrasse lunch or an extravagant terrasse dinner. This is for that romantic vibe you want in the summer. It's super fun, affordable, and darn romantic. These terrasses are great for dates and anniversaries so don't be shy! It's time for some well deserved wine and some fine dinning.

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Mothers are very special people. They're the ones who were there when you took your first steps. They were there on your first day of school. They were there for all of your birthdays and graduations. They're there for everything.

Mothers are the ones who love you unconditionally and will always be there when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. They're there during the best of times and the worst of times, all because they love you.

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Ah, brunch. There’s nothing quite like noshing on the world’s best in-between meal, except consuming tasty dishes at midday with the world’s best people. (AKA your squad, of course).

And if your life is all about the fine combination of brunch, booze, and your BFFs, then have I got some great news for you. Montreal is full of top notch places to grab a bite and a drink, all while catching up with friends, and giving everyone else some serious squad goals envy. If you don’ know where to start looking for such awesome places, then no worries. That’s what I’m here for.

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Are you a woman in Montreal? Then congrats. You're officially gorgeous.

Beauty comes in all shapes, shades, and sizes, and the fact that Montreal's got such an awesome mix of different people pretty much cements every Montrealer's status as highkey gorg. So go ahead and rock your beautiful life, and get away with the following things in Montreal.

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A while ago, I told you why day drinking is basically the best type of drinking that there is (hint: it's drinking during the day. There can be nothing better). What I neglected to tell you, though, is exactly where in Montreal you'll be able to get your day drink on.

Until now, friends. Montreal is literally full of places where you can get a little bit turnt while the sun's still out; and if you've got some best friends to do it with, all the better. There are, however, a select few establishments that hit all the marks for one seriously awesome spot to day drink.

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Summer and all its glory is finally here and that only means one thing…the time has come to celebrate how awesome our city is with some truly kick ass rooftop terrasses!

MTL Blog has put together a few places to add to your list... Heck maybe you’ll find a new hotspot that you’d never even heard of to check out this summer (you can thank us later if you do).

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Montrealers love drinking and eating. this statement is probably the strongest fact of all time. More so then that Montrealers love to drink and eat outside on terrasses, preferably high up top over looking our beautiful city. Some of the nicest most fun rooftop terrasses in Montreal are located in the Old Port. Here we have our 3 favorite for you to discover as well as potentially end up attending to get a serious drink and eat on.

Click here to get your rooftop terrasse on

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