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the burgundy lion

Photo cred - The Minty

When people think of Quebecois comfort foods, poutine is usually the first one that comes to mind. However, an equally beloved local offering is pate chinois, or shepherd’s pie, as it’s known in English. The pile of meat, potatoes, corn, and more is just what we need when we’re looking for a satisfyingly filling taste. Thankfully, Montreal has no shortage of places offering a range of takes on the classic dish. Here are Montreal’s Best Shepherd’s Pies.

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It's Friday everyone! And you know what that means. After a long week of struggling through the cold winds in Montreal,it's time to finally treat yourself. When you've worked so hard all week, it's without a doubt that you deserve some comfort food. And what's a Quebecer's favorite comfort food? You guessed it, a bed of crispy french fries, topped with some saucy gravy and complete with a handful of cheese curds...ah, the poutine.

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