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the creator class

Nowadays, with the invention of the digital camera, taking a picture has never been easier. But taking a good picture - that requires a certain level of skill. Now, while you might not have any aspirations of becoming a professional photographer, you do probably snap your fair share of pics and I;m betting you wouldn't mind a few more likes when you post them.

So, whether you're going for the minimalist look, a top-down foodie shot, stunning nature landscapes, or the bright twinkle of city lights, see what 5 leading Instagramers are doing with Canon cameras and how they're doing it with #SHOOTITYOURSELF.

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There's no question that Montreal is one picturesque city, especially in the summer, but even the most bad-ass photographers know it all comes down to location, location, location! Snapping the perfect shot can be a little tricky, so whether you're a casual Instagrammer wanting to step up your photography game, or an artist looking for new inspiration, even the pros get a little help.

The #GSERIESDAYTRIP, a project initiated by Canon and The Creator Class, takes you inside the lives, ambitions, and craft of leading photographers from all over to show us what they see and through their eyes. Montreal, the distinctive city that it is, was obviously chosen as a prime example of innovation stemming from among the many diverse fields of creativity, including the world of photography.  In order to fully capture the essence of Montreal from the inside, #GSERIESDAYTRIP spent a day with local photographer and Instagrammer extraordinaire @yellowillow, visiting some of our many unique locations.

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