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theatre fairmount

Calling all die-hard pop music fans!

A dance party is happening this summer during which you can celebrate your love for Justin Bieber in Montreal while shaking it to all the classics we've been bopping to since our youth.

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The legendary K-OS will be peforming in Montreal TODAY ! Supported by Saul Williams, we're extremely excited to see one of the most wonderful performances of the year in our city !

On November 18th, head to Theatre Fairmount at exactly 9pm.

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Lord knows this semester has been particularly long and brutal, but thankfully it's nearing its end...slowly, but surely. Those late nights of cramming, those early mornings survived solely through high dosages of caffeine, and mad empty wallets because you've probably blown it all paying for books and too many drinks will finally get some much needed respite this summer. All that hard work deserves some recompense, you know, to help get you over the final hump, and the best way to do that is to get out!

Well you're in luck, because evo, Montreal's premier student housing community, is throwing a massive party next Thursday, April 2nd at the Fairmount Theatre (iloveneon's new spot in the Mile End) and tickets are free for all students. DJ sets from JUAN MACLEAN, NANCY WHANG of LCD Soundsystem, SHAYDAKISS and HATCHMATIK will get the crowd grooving all night long, and there will be plenty of cheap drinks to keep you properly hydrated.

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Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain 

We hope you all recovered from St. Patrick's Day, because you'll need much more energy than a drunken Irishman to make it to all the insane events going on this weekend. From Jean Grae and Rakim for Hip Hop week, to the world's largest toga party, to lip-smacking steak deals at Cabane du Portugal, the MTL Blog Events team doesn't know what else to thank than the luck of the Irish for this hype weekend.

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