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theme bar

I don't know what's happening in Montreal right now but the abundance of amazingly awesome theme bars is out of this world right now.

We haveHarry Potter Bars, Speakeasy Bars, Milkshake Bars, Tropical Drink Bars, and even Great Gatsby Themed Bars.

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Alright, guys, it's no secret that Montreal is definitely a party city. We've got a nightlife scene unlike anything else, and no matter what you find fun, we've got something awesome for you.

If you just so happen to be into the whole themed bar experience, then you might already know about NDG's Jersey's Saloon. It's basically an eclectic, Western-themed bar that serves up beer, burgers, nachos, and plenty of other pub fare. It's also known to be a slight bit raunchier than your average pub.

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