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thrift shop

Ontario's largest travelling thrift event, "The Street Market," is making its next stop in Montreal. On August 12 and 13, Alexis Nihon will host a showcase of pre-loved fashion, combining sustainability with style. The clothing pop-up offers an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and make more eco-friendly choices.

From noon to 5 p.m., multiple vendors at "The Street Market" will display curated second-hand items, including vintage, streetwear, womenswear, and accessories. The popularity of the market and the anticipation it generates amongst thrift enthusiasts — evident in the lines that form before the doors even open — point towards a shifting tide in shopping habits.

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When it comes to bargains and deals you usually won't find anything cheaper than thrift shops and dollar stores.

That was true up until last month, before the Zerodollar store opened in Saint-Leonard.

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It's Christmas time in Montreal soon, and that means Christmas parties, and more importantly, Ugly Sweater parties! This time-honoured tradition invites kindred spirits to find the ugliest garment possible and gather round so that everyone can point and laugh at each other. Wait, why do we do this? Regardless, chances are you have at least one ugly sweater party to attend this year (we know we do) and finding one is as easy as consulting this list. Happy hunting!

Vintage 111, as the name implies, carries a wide range of vintage cloathing and accessories. Now the cool kids will tell you that all the best things in life are vintage, but really vintage is just another way of saying old. And where there is old stuff, there are usually some ugly sweaters. Plus, when people ask about your sweater, you can tell them it's vintage.
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