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thrift stores

It's easy to forget about the impact that everyday activities, like buying clothes, can have on the environment. Buying ethical clothing used to be difficult, expensive and generally was limited to simply buying second-hand items. Thankfully, over the years the industry has grown, and you can now  easily deck yourself out in earth, animal and human-friendly outfits. Montreal alone has plenty of ethical clothing brands for you to choose from. Read on below for 5 affordable Montreal brands that are helping to save the planet.

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Halloween is nearly here, and you best not wait until the last minute to get your costume. Even if you do, don't be a punk and go to LOL Party Center (actually a place) or the many pop-up Halloween stores which are all grossly overpriced. Instead, take note from Halloween experts (and Macklemore) and hit up one of Montreal's fabulous thrift/secondhand stores. You'll have to get a bit more creative, as many don't sell pre-packaged costumes, but the extra effort will save you many dollars. Plus you'll look super hip in a 'non-commercial-retro-indy costume,' or whatever the kids will call it this Halloween. Here are a few choice thrift stores to get Halloween costumes for less money.

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