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TIME released its list of the 50 world's greatest places in 2023 and only two Canadian destinations managed to make the coveted list.

While Montreal's booming culture, history and food scene make it a must-visit destination in Canada, it seems as if our flare wasn't enough to get TIME magazine's attention…but Vancouver and Churchill, Manitoba did.

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The best time of the week is already upon us. And that means we're all trying to figure out unique things to do in Montreal this weekend to switch up our routine a little bit.

Well, here are 11 ideas to consider if you're hoping to find a reason to leave your home when Friday comes around.

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Remember back in elementary school when spending time in the cafeteria was the best part of your school day? Well, at Time Out Market Montreal, we get to relive that childhood love for cafeterias — just in a much classier manner.

This culinary hot spot is officially opening again on Friday, July 2 with some new restaurants. I got to go try dishes from some new places yesterday and here's what I thought!

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It's been a fraught postseason for officiating during the Stanley Cup Playoffs as NHL referees have been accused of a series of blunders and non-calls that have influenced the outcomes of critical games and series.

But after Montreal's Game 4 loss to the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Monday, many Habs fans are taking it to a different level: They are calling for a referee to be fired.

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In Montreal, summer means more than just fun in the sun. It's a season that brings people together — something many Montrealers have been missing over the past year.

There's no doubt summer 2021 is particularly special. With restrictions easing for the first time in months, the spirit of celebration is in the air, and people are ready to make this season one for the history books.

Is there any better way to kick off summer in this city than with Saint-Jean-Baptiste? As a celebration of Quebec's heritage and history, it’s one of the province's favourite holidays and with good reason. From bonfires and barbecues to fireworks and fêtes, St-Jean is when Montreal truly comes alive.

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Narcity may receive a small commission if you purchase something we recommend in this article, which was created by the Narcity Shop team.

Not everyone likes to stay in the same place for too long, which is why companies like Outdoorsy are offering people the chance to rent RVs while on vacation.

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The time we have all been waiting for has officially arrived: Time Out Market in Montreal is reopening on July 2.

And it's going to have tons of new restaurants to check out, including Campo, Tunnel Espresso, Le P’tit Dip, Casa Kaizen, Le Taj, and Le Blossom.

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While summer is many people's favourite season thanks to the nice weather, CAA-Quebec is warning us that it's also a very dangerous time for driving.

"Many Quebecers will be celebrating our National Holiday on June 24 and although it’s a happy time, it also marks the start of the deadliest season on Quebec's roads," a press release read.

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How was your week, Montreal? Busy? Ours, too, filled with catching up on the things we love like drinks on terrasses, picnics in the park and spending time with friends.

Luckily, the weekend is here to bring us even more of what we love. Here are 17 things to do in Montreal (plus two bonus day trip ideas).

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The semi-annual mega sale Bath & Body Works in Quebec is officially here, which means it's time to stock up on all your favourite products.

Starting June 14, all stores in Quebec will be launching their major discounts to celebrate the first half of 2021.

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If you don't have a side hustle, then you probably know someone who does. It's become the key small-business buzzword in recent times — and for good reason.

Many millennials and zoomers are coming to the realization that a corporate nine-to-five job doesn't suit what they want in life. For some, the restriction of the 40-hour workweek is unappealing, while others struggle to find work that aligns with their personal values.

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With the curfew that was lifted at the end of May and the other measures that will be easing up over the next few weeks, the time has come for Montrealers to get together for the first time in what feels like forever.

The balmy temperatures and long, sunny days are well and truly here. What could be better than a backyard barbecue with up to eight of your favourite people (including yourself) to celebrate?

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