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This morning I woke up feeling like shit.

That might not sound very unusual to most people, but considering I'm used waking up at the crack of dawn, I was a little concerned.

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Okay fine, so it's only the first real snow fall of the season. And there isn't even that much snow on the ground, barely an inch. But I for one am sick and tired of the snow, and so are you.

Snow used to be this amazing magical thing that happened every year when you were a kid. It was synonymous with awesomeness. Imagine having a playground fall from the sky for you to play in.  You could build snowmen (or snow people for the politically correct), igloos and forts. You had unlimited ammunition for the inevitable wars that would break out, and for some reason you used to have a much higher tolerance for the cold weather.

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Photo cred - theholykale

Most of us can't start the morning with out a cup of coffee. We've become very reliant on our caffeine early mornings, mid-afternoons, and in between errands. With accessibility to coffee shops and canned energy drinks around us 24-7, it makes it very easy for us to choose unhealthy and unnatural ways to keep us awake and wired.

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