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I don't know about you, but I love watching tourism videos, especially ones about Montreal.

I'm not sure why exactly, I just enjoy seeing people experiencing what this city has to offer. The only drawback I find is that you usually only get to see one person's point of view a time. 

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When you've lived in Montreal your whole life, you see things very differently than those who are just here visiting. 

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So you're thinking of visiting Montreal. Perfect. Montreal is amazing, and tourists are always welcome in our fair city, but you should be prepared for the experience.

Unlike anywhere else in Canada, or Quebec, Montreal has a culture all its own, along with its own customs, food scene, and way of life in general.

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Never mind Saint Joseph's Oratory - your foreign relatives will want a taste of the REAL Montreal when they come to visit. It's always nice to show people all the tourist attractions you can find in a travel brochure, but most of the time the best memories of a city take place in the unexpected, non-touristy locations. Montreal has so much to offer in terms of culture and all things unique when it comes to a city, so here's a list of things to do with your foreign visitors when they come to Montreal.

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Photo cred - Kevin Tataryn

Tourists are a blessing and a curse on any city. On the sunny side of things, tourists inject a lot of revenue into the city. On the bad side, well, in general, tourists kind of suck and are the worst to deal with, especially in Montreal. All of them seem to be perpetually in awe of people speaking two languages, can't stop spouting on about how their home city compares to MTL, and they're always on the hunt for "something to do tonight."

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Photo cred - Christopher DeWolf

Tourists bumbling about Montreal will get a serious boon in the coming years, as the creation of free Wi-Fi hot spots on St. Catherine West and in Old Montreal has been proposed for 2017, reports TVA.

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Photo cred - Khoa Tran

Being a tourist in Montreal can be a little difficult, and it's time we threw the visitors of Montreal a bone. Any Canadian, American, or anyone who lives outside the city may experience some intense culture shock when they visit Montreal, as there are a lot of strange things the city and its citizens do that isn't found elsewhere.

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Being a tourist in Montreal can be a little daunting. No matter the season, there is so much to do, from festivals, to museums, churches, food, and performances. Living in the age of the interwebs as we do, The Morson group decided to help out any clueless newcomers with an infographic-guide to Montreal.

All the major tourists spots are outlined on the infographic, as are some very useful pointers on getting around, places to eat, and, arguably most importantly, where to drink.

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Downtown Montreal's Holiday Inn, the largest in Quebec, has been sold off to become a new student residence. Come April, the 488 room hotel will no longer host visiting tourists, and 60 hotel workers will lose their job (more here). Great for students, bad for Montreal workers and the hospitality industry.

  • Selling hotels to become student residences has become a trend in Montreal.

Two other hotels have found the same fate (Hotel Quality Inn + Delta Centre-Ville Hotel), with several others (Hotel du Fort, Maritime Plaza, Hotel de la Montagne) being shut down with no future purpose. Loews Le Concorde Hotel is being converted to an old folks home, which spells bad times for any nearby students who will definitely get noise complaints.

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