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Winter in Quebec is full of magical and festive activities to take part in. And Mont-Tremblant is a spot where something is always happening during the snowy season.

One of the many activities found in Tremblant during the winter is dog sledding

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With only a handful of weekends left this summer (crying real tears), opportunities for a getaway are becoming increasingly scarce. Now, does that mean you have to give up and accept that you won't be able to go on a mini vacation? No, of course not - because there are still tons of easy getaways to choose from, if you're willing to be spontaneous.

The reality is, a quick weekend vacation doesn't need to be meticulously planned out weeks beforehand. In many places, you can book accommodations right up to the night before, and as long as you have a way to get there, the rest is easy.

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Winter just isn't the same without at least one trip up north. And what better way to do that than to rent out a place you'd normally NEVER be able to afford.

We've scoped out the most luxurious rental homes, cabins and chalets near the Tremblant area to bring you the most extravagant ones.

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It's skiing season! From British Columbia to Quebec, we have, in Canada, absolutely breathtaking mountains where you can go ski and have the best fun of your life.

Any mountain listed in this article is available for beginners. Every station has the proper runs for new fans of the sport and installations are properly placed for you to learn in a safe and fun environment.

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Mont-Tremblant, it is without a doubt the best skiing / snowboarding experience in the area. Sure it's expensive (especially the food) and the lines can be pretty long if you make the mistake of going on a Saturday, but the other mountains in the area don't even come close.

It has everything: 95  runs, 9 chairlifts, 2 gondolas, 3 snowparks, glades, and 4 different faces spread out over 2 peaks. It looks like a village in the Alps, there's no place like it for an après-ski and the first chair lift dates back all the way to 1939.

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MANNY, a very well known photographer from Montreal, took it to the sky only equipped with his camera and his wonderful talent.

In a series of 15 pictures called "The Horizon", MANNY discovers with us the wonders of Montreal and its surroundings. If you are interested in buying the pictures to support MANNY head to his website!

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Travelling in the fall is seriously underrated - the changing leaves are gorgeous, you won't freeze or melt, and your travel costs are cut way down in the off-season. Not to mention a long weekend away can really help you decompress if the semester is really starting to get to you.

Now before you read this and ask, "What about Quebec City? Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean? New York?" let me direct you over to Synden's awesome article from last year.

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Photo cred - HomeAway

Now that the semester is finally nearing its end, and snow is just around the corner, it's time to escape all the stress of the city and get some much needed down time. Maybe do a little shredding on the slopes, unwind in a hot tub, catch up with some friends. A few days to reconnect with nature is always good for the soul and we've found 5 sweet cottages that are ideal for a your next relaxing getaway close to Montreal

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Mont-Tremblant has long been one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in North America for tourists and natives alike. Celebrating 75 years, they’re hosting ‘Tremblant Electrofest’- 4 days of the best up & coming DJ’s in the world. Montreal is repping this festival pretty hard with a ton of artists performing that come right from our wonderful city.

The fest is coming up in just a couple days now, starting on January 6th and ending on the 9th. We thought it was high time we shared our top 15 must-see DJ’s for those of you heading out there next week. Grab yourself some ski tickets, a beaver tail, and make sure you take the time to discover some of the best emerging artists on the EDM scene.

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