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Fun fact about me: at one point in my life, I attended Concordia University, studying history.

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If there's one issue on every Montreal student's mind, it's tuition.

Everyone still remembers the red square protests. Just last week I saw a student who was still wearing a red square on his backpack.

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College and porn have always been related, whether it's through the endless sea of college themed porn or the classic "I'm only doing porn to pay for college" line. Well now you don't have to star in a porn movie to pay for college, you just have to write an essay.

Yes you heard right, Pornhub has a new campaign called "Pornhub Cares". All you have to do is submit a 1,000 - 1,500 word essay detailing how you strive to make others happy.

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Tuition has always been a hot topic and sensitive issue for students in Montreal. I think we all recall two summers ago, during the student protest against tuition hikes. The price of school is still on the rise, despite the brief victory student's gained, though anyone worried about the rising cost of tuition can just head to Germany, where university is entirely free.

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Living the student life isn't as easy as people think. Not only do you have to deal with overbearing professors, readings on readings, and the intensity that is exam season, you also have the ever-looming stressor that is your tuition. Unless you got mom 'n pop helping out, your education expenses will probably leave you with a pile of debt after graduation. Is there a way out of a student's inevitable financial crisis? Yes, at least for one Montreal student, and the answer is baked goods.

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We hate to bring back what has been proven to be a very touchy subject in Montreal, but here goes: Quebec tuition is rising and there isn't much anyone can do about it. A new report published today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives projects the steady increase of Quebec tuition, which will not please many students in the province.

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Tuition and rent are the two major burdens on every student's finances. Combined, the two force students to live of their parents' cash (and never hear the end of it) or take out student loans, which makes post-grad life even more of a sticky financial situation. Student life would be heaven if tuition, rent, and other must-needs were free, and one contest is making that dream a reality.

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Montreal and Quebec's university students have been proven to have the easiest school situation, at least in terms of money-stress.

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Quebec's "Maple Spring," the clever name given to the 2012 student protests, supposedly ended with the PQ's election and their promise to halt any tuition increases.

Two years later, Quebec tuition has increased, just not in an obvious way.

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