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Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

Montreal, you are getting colder but we still love you. People, don't get discouraged. This city might be getting cold on the outside but on the inside Montrealers are very very warm. The week end is here and the summer being gone is not a reason not to go out and party. Week ends are like little vacations and you certainly do party while on vacation. Here are our suggestions for this week end;

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In order to kick off the 2014 school year right, the federation of students' associations of Université de Montréal's campus (FAÉCUM) is throwing a free and open to public concert tomorrow - Sept 11th. A few bars will be set up around for y'all to quench your thirsts at that oh-so-affordable student price!

The concert will be held outdoors at UdeM's La Place de la Laurentienne, which is the campus' open spaced public square (closest entrance is 3200 rue Jean-Brillant).

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