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Yesterday, VIA Rail attempted to sell unlimited Youth Passes for $150. The only problem was that they didn't expect half the country to want one. 

So after their website crashed a few times, VIA Rail decided to limit their offer to 1867 passes in total, which sold out very quickly

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Photo cred - Johan Larsson

In a tech heavy world, everyone’s always looking for the next greatest app. From Shazam to 8tracks, MyFitnessPal to HabitBull, there’s always an app that’s being released to make our lives an easier place… unless you live in Montreal. With places like New York and Israel home to some of the coolest apps, smart-phone lovers are forced to wait patiently for these tech innovations to come their way. Six of these apps are so helpful, that we at MTL Blog can’t help but wonder how Montreal’s been able to survive this long without them.

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