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Last week marked the soft launch of the revamped MTL Blog website, taking us back to our essence as a local publication devoted to forging a deeper bond between you and the vibrant city of Montreal.

We've poured our hearts into building a solid foundation, and today, we're thrilled to also introduce Milla, our fresh fintech brand and platform that powers the MTL Blog logged-in experience. It's a game-changer for our registered and Pro users, unveiling a myriad of exciting features.

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Ever wish you could know exactly which metro cars are packed full of people so you can avoid them? Well thanks to AI technology implemented by the STM, metro riders will finally get real-time updates on the station display screens that show you how many people are riding the metro at any given time. 

The updates will be displayed on the STM's busiest metro line: the Orange line. 

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Early on Tuesday, October 27, at around 4:30 a.m., a 911 call was placed for a fire in a Montreal apartment building near Rosemont station.

Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal arrived on the scene, before requesting the help of the SPVM.

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We all know the struggle of waking up in the morning, making your way to school or work, and finding that your route now has now been impeded by a brand new construction site. After a few days, or maybe even weeks of having to deal with it, you really start to feel like you'll never be free from construction. It leaves you questioning whether they're actually doing any construction or if it's just an experiment to see how long it'll take you to lose it.

Well, now the city of Montreal is making an attempt to be a little more transparent when it comes to their major construction projects. Every week they'll be uploading a new chart on their website outlining all of the ongoing projects, with details of each one, including start date, end date, and how much it costs.

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