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upper canada village halloween

Pumpkinferno, an annual festival that turns 7,000 "hand-crafted" (but artificial) jack-o'-lanterns into monumental sculptures, is returning this year to Kingston and Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. The latter is about a 90-minute drive from downtown Montreal.

As tickets go on sale on September 6, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission has released more details about what visitors can expect this year.

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Upper Canada Village's Pumpkinferno jack-o'-lantern festival is coming back this year with 7,000 luminous pumpkins arranged in epic forms along a trail through the spooky site.

Details are few so far, but online the village promises a revival of "some of its most popular exhibits." Previous editions have included pumpkin statues of giant beasts and mythical creatures, as well as some whimsical scenes from modern life, all in the form of glowing gourds.

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