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The holidays are expensive, and everyone wants to know how to save some cash in their pockets. In Canada, Thanksgiving happened over a month ago but for our neighbors down south, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. More importantly though, Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the commercial holiday season in America, is coming up this Friday. Black Friday is known for huge sales companies offer and the beatings that ensue as overly enthusiastic shoppers pummel each other at Toys 'R Us to get their kid a My Little Pony for 50% off.

Historically Canadian stores don't observe this "holiday," but there are ways that Canadians can take advantage of Black Friday.

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No one give me any of that 'size doesn't matter' bullshit. Your lady/man/partner may not care how big your wang is, because you sure as hell do. Unless you're already packing serious heat. Thankfully, a very informative map can now let us all know who's bragging because they're overcompensating, and which dudes have the goods to back up they're boasts.

All you have to do is check out a new map that compiles various studies on penis length from around the world. The map, found here, basically color codes an atlas based on the average dick size, from a lowly 9.66 to a kingly 17.93. Next time you're sizing a guy up look to the map to see what his downstairs deal is.

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