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The holidays are coming up which means we will all soon be submitting to hours of small talk with relatives about the exact same things you discussed last year: "When are you getting married?", "Where are you working", and "What are you studying". Of course with that last one, you also get the followup: "What are you planning on doing with that degree?"

Now I studied History at Concordia, so I never had a good answer to this question since the only thing you can do with a history diploma is be a teacher or work in archives. (Exciting right?) But there had to be some more useless university degrees out there's, some that offer even fewer job opportunities and it turns out there are.

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Montreal isn't known to be a pet friendly city.Only a handful of establishments actually allow pets, you can't take a dog on the bus unless it's the size of a squirrel and some cab drivers have even refused to pick me up (even after I pre-warned them) because according to them, my "small dog" is actually more of "medium dog."

Since dogs get such a crappy deal here in Montreal, we figured they deserve a little something nice for a change. But when we started looking for cool inventions for your pets, all we found were the following ridiculous gadgets. And so we invite you to take a seat and peruse through our list of the 10 craziest and dumbest inventions for your dog.

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