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vaccine mandates

The trucker convoy, also known as the Freedom Convoy, is ongoing in Ottawa and had a satellite event last weekend in Quebec City — and many folks are fed up. In a recent Leger survey, a majority of Quebec respondents expressed opposition to the trucker convoy protests, which claim to be against Canada's vaccine mandates and public health measures.

The survey, which polled a total of 1,546 Canadian adults from February 4 to 6, asked participants whether they support or oppose "the message the trucker convoy [...] protests are conveying of no vaccine mandates and less public health measures" — and a total of 62% of Quebecers opposed.

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As the trucker protest continues in Ottawa and moves toward Quebec City, the Freedom Convoy 2022 GoFundMe page has officially been removed after raising over $10 million, and funds will be given back to donors.

In a statement released on February 4, GoFundMe said that while it supports peaceful protests, it has evidence from Ottawa law enforcement that the demonstration "has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity."

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