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vaccine passport canada

The federal government created a simplified process for Canadian passport renewals and applications – although the lengthy and ongoing hold-up suggests things haven’t been nearly as simple as planned.

With Canadian airport wait times reaching ridiculous heights, so much that Transport Canada has eliminated random COVID-19 testing at the Montreal airport, it seems as if anything travel-related has become a headache.

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The vaccine passport you've gotten used to in Quebec is no longer the only way to show proof of vaccination. The federal government just released its own "Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination" for travel and Quebecers can download theirs right now.

Anyone 12 or older has to show proof of vaccination when travelling within Canada as of October 30, so you'll want to have the national vaccine passport handy if you plan on leaving Quebec. While Canada's vaccine passport does not guarantee entry into another country, it can help streamline the process of travelling internationally.

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Ontario's vaccine passport mandate is officially in force and if you live in Quebec and are planning to visit the province, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Here's what Ontario's proof of vaccination means for Quebecers.

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A new poll by Leger revealed that more Quebecers are for the vaccination passport than against it.

A survey of 1,515 Canadians found that 63% of Quebecers "strongly support" implementing a COVID-19 vaccine passport — the highest percentage of any Canadian region included in the poll.

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