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val david

As the hues of autumn begin to paint the landscapes of Quebec with rich shades of red, orange, and gold, there's no better time to explore the province's natural wonders than to embark on a hike and catch the harvest magic up close.

For those who are eager to catch the fall foliage in Quebec, the province is home to many must-see spots and one hiking destination, in particular, offers views of the changing colours and a heart-shaped lake.

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If you're a pot enthusiast, Val-David is the place to be. The Laurentian village is host to the annual 1001 Pots exhibition, a celebration of ceramic art and artists.

The fair takes place among three lush gardens that visitors can wander.

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Honestly, there's nothing quite like ending up in a cute town and discovering that their restaurants are mindblowing.

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Photo cred - Mitchell Joyce

Oy Vey. Vacation time is coming up and you and the Hubs are definitely looking for a frugal way to get out of the city & spend some quality alone time. Well forget about airfare and package searching, all you need for a quality vacation is your boo and your car. After working hard these past few months and trying to make time for those simple but great Montreal summer date nights and small weekend getaways, it's time for you both to pack your bags and hit the road for a real vacay. These easy trips will definitely help you reconnect with each other and will provide you with sufficient time & resources for all the fun & hanky panky you'd like. We've listed numerous activities for each spot so you can get an idea of which vacation is right for you and your love muffin.