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valentine s day dates

You've met THE ONE in Montreal, and now you want to show your favourite person that this relationship is meant to last forever on Valentine's Day. But here's the thing: you're also a Millennial in Montreal dealing with student debt, rent expenses and inflation in general. Still, Montreal date ideas don't have to be a hit to your wallet.

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Just a heads up for all of the lovers out there: Valentine's Day is around the corner. Before you even know it, the big day will be here, and you'll have to whip together a special date for you and your significant other at the last minute.

But not to worry! With a city as romantic as Montreal, there are lots of last-minute date ideas that will make for an amazing Valentine's Day.

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Friends, I don't know what on this earth could possibly be tastier than chocolate pizza.

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Friends, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. It's less than a month away, which actually gives you just enough time to plan (or find, TBH) a date.

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