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The Montreal Grand Prix is a true benchmark of our summer festival season, injecting the whole city with F1 fever and more events you can shake a dipstick at. Considered as one of the top circuits of the entire season by both fans and drivers alike, Montrealers celebrate Grand Prix like nowhere else. There's no denying that our passion for all things automotive is highly contagious and truly comes alive during the event, filling the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with high-octane aficionados and spilling into the streets for three whole days of madness.

With so much going on over the course of the weekend, we thought we'd compile a few ideas of things to see and do to help you get the most out of your Grand Prix 2015 experience.

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Photo cred - Frodnesor

Bagels are a staple of Montreal food culture, and the best way to enjoy any bagel, no matter where you get it in the city, is with plenty of smoked salmon and cream cheese.

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